November 2nd

You say you love me, like I’m a temple and you believe

Like an oasis in the desert

Like the words I speak are holy,

& I speak in novels  with my tongue


You look at me with diamonds in your eyes  & a magnet in your heart


Reaching & stretching with your neck to pull me close


Falling into an ocean of thoughts & words running alongside each other as the sun lounges across the sky


You speak to me with a tongue of feathers as I see you flinch from the daggers in my eyes


Watch you love me as I watch you feelingless


And we stare at each other like we can’t see the white paint on the ground


Like the needles on the clock aren’t marching into nothingness


Like the sky isn’t darkening around us

Waiting for me to fall & drown or walk away mechanically


(November 2nd 2016)


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