Until all I can feel is you

But then somehow,

When I see you,

That all changes


Don’t get ahead of yourself

I’m far from being head over heels

What I mean is


You’re an ocean

When I only asked for a drop

You’re a cliff

When all I asked for was a step

You’re the sun

When I only asked for a spark


I need you in the most vital of ways

For my mind to stop rushing and

Whirring from the adrenaline and stress of

Thinking too quickly and being asked to think too much

For my breath to stop shaking with fright and anger and exhaustion

For my eyes to become dry after crying more than a faucet from too much life and yet not enough of it


But at the same time

You bring forth memories of things that once were and once more could be

But not with you

You make my mind revert back to past selves

But not the ones I wish to revisit



When I jog to you and place my arms around your chest

It’s like my arms are reaching for safety

And your chest is the shore


Like my body is drifting

And your skin is the vessel


My mind is racing and your hands come over and paint every single thought with shimmering light

My eyes dart back and forth, over and over, every muscle is aware of its place until I feel you near me







Life is a daze

My mind a haze

The ground a maze

I slip through on the way to you


The air foggy and bright yet nonexistent

Our eyes meet and the collision doesn’t feel imminent but more like




Until the world shrinks to the two of us standing in the middle of the passage to the light rail

As onlookers look on

Without even existing


As a part of my mind takes control and moves my body,

The mist grows and envelops the rest of it until all I can feel is you


(July 19th 2016



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