May 12th (09:30)

I’m thinking it’s  a maybe

And that’s what worries me

You’ve fallen so far, at least that’s what it seems

While I’m just sitting here caught in between

You being a lover and the best of friends


You see, my mind doesn’t evaporate when you cross my line of sight


Your touch doesn’t turn the air around me completely white

The bubble around me is left unbroken

Either you’re already a part of it

Or I never let you in


Being in your company doesn’t feel like I was blinded and just discovered the sun

But you see, I know that things like that once were and once more could be

But maybe the carpet is simply running too fast beneath our feet

We’re caught and accelerating despite the clear warning

That only slowing down will help us survive

I’m burning down and whether it’s you or the sun

What we really need to do is slow down




To sort it all out

This is not the drowning I had in mind


As I feel your energy, my body sinks to blue and indigo ponds

Green grass fields

But with a minute of peace

All I see is the thick cover you put over me

Reassuring yet suffocating

And all I can think is “too fast, too fast”



May 12th 2016


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