Inhale (00:42)


Perhaps I inhaled you,

Long ago

Which would explain how you’re stitched onto my skin as if it had always been your own


And why, when I rummage through the dark corners of my mind

And unveil within me my deepest secrets

You are somehow always there


Perhaps I lost you down some road

Centuries ago

And you’ve now found your way back

To a half that’d gone missing


Perhaps that would explain

Why I instantly forget

That a foreign body is there

In my arms

When I hold you


Or why

Kissing you

Doesn’t feel like kissing at all

And doesn’t make my mind leave

Because why would feeling whole feel out of the ordinary at all?


Maybe I’d be able to comprehend how you resuscitate parts of me that died so long ago

I’d forgotten they were ever there



May 2016


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