Cataclysmic Abbyss


Choking back the pain I feel

Reliving the memories feels like nothing’s real


Digging deeper and deeper to find something within

Never feeling like I’m gonna win

Keeping messages to be able to compare

The future with what once was there

A feeling of weightlessness

Gone for good

Losing the breathlessness

Guess you’re set for good


Setting ourselves ablaze

Can you make it through this haze?

Cause personally, it’s sometimes a struggle

When you feel yourself fall and there’s no one to go to

Through the rough patches

Fabricating illusory stitches

To pull this corpse together again


No choice but picking yourself up again

And dragging yourself through the bog that you were born in


Yeah, my situation’s “grear”

And afterlife never seemed so near

When “it” will be gone from campus

I’ll only have the chem material left


And even Morpheus won’t be able to revive prefabricated dreams

That I’ve recycled over and over

Through these past centuries


So I’ll watch out for the twinkling of a star up high

That exploded long, long ago

In a galaxy that wasn’t so far away

But whose ashes I can still see at night

That sometimes seem to wave back

But never stay



April 26th 2016


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