Inescapable doubts and fears

I struggle with the thought of it all being meaningless

Terror-frought thoughts of not knowing who I am,

who I should be

and who I want to become

Setting goals then realising I will never be able to achieve them

Setting the bar lower still and still being confronted with the difficulty of everything gasping breath

And repeating this infinite process

Until I shrivel up in a corner and believe nothing good could possibly await me


Do you feel it too?

That lingering shadow in the back of your mind?

That whispers that you’ll never become anything,

Go anywhere?

Hard to take two steps forward in this condition, wouldn’t you agree?


April 4th 2016




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  1. a mystery says:

    We’re our own worst enemies. You are the only one who holds yourself back. This is such a horrible feeling but I know it well. Wishing you the best 🙂

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