A you-shaped shadow

Only the you-shaped shadow remains

Only the persistent darkness, dense and foggy

Enters the door

While I sleep

Crooked, puzzling

In its near absence

Like a mystery no one can solve

The shape lurks in a corner

Teasing, tempting

Promising what cannot be held

Or owned or possessed or discovered

An evil genius

A dark shadow

In the form of you

March 28th 2016




2 Comments Add yours

  1. a mystery says:

    How sad. Missing someone is such a bittersweet thing. There’s all this love you have, and all these memories…yet they haunt you instead of making you smile.

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  2. Cora says:

    i completely agree. luckily this is a few months old now so i’m all set and very happy with someone else now, but despite being such a sad feeling, it’s so incredibly pure and passionate. ^.^


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