See you on the other side


How could you ever grasp your own beauty?

When you never see yourself asleep

Never see what your eyes look like when they’re shining into another’s

When the rain falls and the storm crashes

Your hair whips around your scalp

Hits you in the face

When the water seeps through your lashes and into your eyes

And all that’s left is the spirit and passion residing within


What could ever make you think yourself ugly?

When you’ve never witnessed yourself from afar

Across a road,

In the wilderness and the unknown, or

At an intersection, waiting patiently with your hands in your pockets

And your face turned towards the clouds


You can never comprehend what you look like

Head bent in concentration over a book

Or hands gently tapping the steering-wheel as you bob your head along to the music


Or even when you suddenly discover a new mystery yet to be solved

When you learn somthing new

When you realise how goddamn big the universe is

How we’re all just tiny beings,

Insignificant and completely forgettable

When compared to the entire scope of the universe


Yet us

Us tiny, worthless, little things

Have proven ourselves capable of so much

Resilient and strong

Fearless and with a timeless

Passion for learning new things


Well, here’s something new for you, dear,

No matter what you might ever think

No matter what anyone might ever tell you or make you feel

You’re beautiful,

And for as long as I’ve known you,

You always have been

And I trust you, boy,

To do the best you can along the way

And if we only ever meet again

When this is all over

I’ll see you on the other side


February 22nd 2016



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  1. meep380 says:

    This is beautiful! You should also check out my blog! 🙂

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