Nothing’s the same


And now every car sounds like yours

And every dark-haired head looks like yours

And every voice sounds like yours

And every boy looks like you


While no bench looks like it did

And no laugh sounds like it did

And no cloud looks like it did

And no song sounds like it used to



February 10th


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  1. a mystery says:

    I hate this. (Not the poem, the feeling!) certain names are forever soiled for me, whenever I hear of someone with that name my heart remembers and feels regret. Certain mannerisms that people have remind you of past loves. It’s so tormenting isn’t it? I hope you’ll be able to find beauty beyond him.

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  2. Cora says:

    YES! Certain names will never be the same for me, and so so many ordinary things have such a different meaning now. Luckily, I haven’t met anyone who reminds me of him (one of the things I’d liked about him was that I’d never met anyone like him before). However, I’m the one who reminds me of him, we had so much in common, acting and dressing and even looking similarly. Difficult to resent and hate and let go of someone who’s so much like you, as it comes down to hating yourself. Yes, quite tromenting. But I’m much better now, the past seems quite distant, nearly all forgotten except the memory of hanging on.


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