It’s easy to love people from afar

Yet a struggle to embrace them truly


For when they depart

How fleeting are the memories


written January 17th 2016



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  1. Ryan Stone says:

    A beautifully expressed thought! Sad and lovely all at once.

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  2. Nicodemas says:

    Very beautiful indeed.

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  3. crow says:

    When they stay, too, it’s sometimes hard to truly embrace them.

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  4. That’s actually also very true.

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  5. a mystery says:

    So true. Idealism will hurt us when we realize people are not what we dreamed them to be. But still flawed love is love.

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  6. Cora says:

    Perhaps we all simply have to accept that those we love will always be flawed, and hope that the flaws of those we’ll come to love, we won’t even consider to be flaws, but rather characteristics of their personality, little quirks.

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