Your acid and your smoke

Now the desolation is here

We’re both broken

And the ribbon at the race’s end is now upon us

The road has no end

Because there is no end

In this hopeless wasteland

Which path have you taken?

Where have you left your light?


I spoke the damning words

That we would destroy one another

And you believed it

It wasn’t a certainty, far from it

But you took the words and held them close enough to brand them into your heart

And I couldn’t fight my own future

Couldn’t extricate myself from the mess you shoved me in

Couldn’t stab you hard enough to help me survive

Couldn’t  let go of you even though I tried


Forgive me for trying to move on

Holding onto you burns me with your acid and your smoke

If saying Hello is not part of your plans

Then let me tell you Goodbye once and for all


I promised you I would wait but how long do you expect me to cry myself to sleep,

Whispering, begging to the unforgivable silence

“Please stay”?


written January 4th 2016



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  1. Nicodemas says:

    Wonderful in every way.

    Liked by 1 person

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