I can’t detach myself from your influence

Not even here, in the vast expanse of the night and the ocean

You still swim through my veins, burst through  my heart

And the old clock ticks the same slow rhythm as it always did

But each second now holds lifetimes

As I wait for you


I told you I’d wait

But here, at the edge of the world

I can feel the cliff underneath my skin


And how much time I have left

Is a mystery


I kiss your shadow’s lips

From miles away

Hold your memory between my hands

And love the pieces of you that I can

Tell myself you won’t know it if I picture you beside me

As I fall into Morpheus’s arms


written January 5th



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  1. sumyanna says:

    *sigh* what beautiful lines. Fabulous poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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