Nearly January again

Nearly January again

Completing the cycle all over again

120-odd poems later

Wondering what this new year will bring

Will he come back?

What awaits me?

Family, new friendships, a new love or two

Sooner or later


Birds fly above, twittering, chirping, those same birds as always

Becoming somebody new,

With a core and old blood still running through the veins

Of who I used to be

I won’t change,

Not completely

I’ll still mostly be who I used to be

But it’s bewildering to wonder where

I’ll be next December

Will I have met somebody new?

So many questions when all I want are answers.


Relationships to hold onto

Constants that’ll remain true

No matter where I go

No matter what I do

Birds seared into my skin

That I’ll always carry with me

Pierced into my flesh

For as long as my body grasps onto life


Reducing my life’s clock with every cigarette

Burning more and more grains of sand in the hourglass with every passing minute

Striving to make every grain matter




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