Your absence like a scent


You’re like a scent that I can’t shake off

Whether stench or perfume, who knows?

You permeate every room I walk into

Haven’t let go of you yet

With time, the distance will be an easier suit to wear

I need time

You do too

Do I wish you to come back?

Right now, hell yeah I do

But is that what’s best for me?

I’ve grown so much in the month we’ve known each other

Guess now what I need is to do some growing on my own.

Crash down from the dream and dizziness I lived in

Clear my mind

Feel alive

Not destroy myself

And instead catch myself on a rock or a ledge on the way down

And boost myself up from there

Shimmy my way back to the top of the cliff

And rise again


Like I used to

10 000 km away

When the world would shrink and I couldn’t feel at ease in the constricting atmosphere

When I would struggle just to breathe

Just to live

Take it easy on myself and not push myself further into the mud

Because self-annihilation would help nothing at this point.

And a part of me hopes you still care, that you carry a piece of me with you wherever you go.




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