When I finally discover the ether


Thank you for knowledge

Thank you for the way the very air shimmered in your presence

And the way the glimmer held even in your absence

Thank you for your honesty

Thank you for your love

Thank you for your time

All of the above


Thank you for your body

Thank you for your hope

Thank you for your determination

Thank you for being “dope”


Thank you for trying to stay

Thank you for movies and hugs and kisses and burritos

Thank you for taking the pain away

Thank you for making the nights warmer

Thank you for trying your best even when you were down in the gutter


Sorry I couldn’t get myself out of mine

Sorry for clinging to you like moss to a brick wall

Sorry for trying too hard

Sorry for asking and pleading for things you were unable to give


Thank you for trying to give them

You tried, and that’s the best present you could have provided

I’m sorry I asked too much

Thanks for your time

I’m sorry I took so much of it from you,

When you needed to heal

Thank you for what we’ve lived

I’m sorry I couldn’t make your day last any longer

Thank you for the sun you brought in mine

I’m sorry for the storm I brought in yours.


Thank you for the black and white bandana (it’s grear, I can’t argue with that logic either)

I’m sorry I’ve still got your Seether CD

I’ll hold you with me

When I finally discover the ether




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