Distance. Air. Wind




That’s what I live for.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop seeing you everywhere,

Even when you’re not there.

I’ll come to accept it.

The distance

Whether you come back or not.

My mind’s already clearer

Too used to people letting me go

Or me casting them away




Focus on something else until the memories fade

So that if you don’t come back

I won’t remember so much

And if you do come back

We can build it all over again

On steadier, healthier foundations

So I can stop clinging to you like a rock

When I’m drowning.

So I can stop being terrified of the ocean

Because I can’t sink

Because my body and soul won’t let me

People walk by and I smoke

Cars drive by and I sit on this wall

Music blasting so I don’t notice their existence

Rules are made,

Did I choose them or did you impose?

I can, for once, follow the rules set.

Accept it.




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