Since we can’t be glass

I thought you would hurt

I expected the pain and spark

Of broken glass

I reached and anticipated the sting

But you never delivered

I’d thought you would be so different

I’d expected







 In control in the darkness

But instead you’re





And I don’t know what to do since we can’t be broken glass together

Since you insist on fixing me,

Without knowing it

(Are you aware of what it is you’re doing?)

Since you’re adamant in your humanity and your spirit

Your hope

And I don’t know if I want to burn anymore

Drift anymore

Think anymore

Be anymore


In automatic  and for the first time in my life

It feels good

To let go and not think and not feel and move my limbs without thought

For once, it truly does feel effortless

This state of being

What are you doing to me?





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  1. a mystery says:

    I really like the feel to this one. You just captured this very unique feeling, I’m assuming it has to do with love? It’s interesting to see your bliss and mild confusion at this person, it’s very real.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed writing that poem 🙂 Yeah, I guess that must be the general feeling, though I dunno if I’ve known him long enough to call it “love”. Thank you for your feedback! (I’m hoping to see some of your new posts!) ❤


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