I can’t take it anymore,

I’ve got to leave.

You see, this place is driving me insane

And the thought of leaving makes the pain go away.


Without that, I can’t stop the earth from poisoning me,

From travelling through my system,


Convincing my own body to turn on me.


The rain and sunshine aren’t enough for The Good to win,

She’ll soon be burned at the stake of my guilt and mistakes.

And I, standing frozen beside her,

I won’t be able to drench the fire,

Because my rain left as soon as I arrived


So deliver me

(Deliver me)

From this pain that scorches

Blaze it all up ’til the torches

Are gone


Where do I belong?

All this drifting, it feels so wrong




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  1. a mystery says:

    If only we could escape from the suffocating world around us. There is peace though, and as cliché and annoying as it is, there is usually a calm after the storm. With every crash of nothingness, there is also a burst of life. With ever low night, there is a high morning. Nothing can stay dark forever, the world doesn’t work that way. Keep writing always and have hope!

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  2. Thank you so much for your hope in the future, it’s so refreshing! I know my writing isn’t always the most jolly stuff, but I do my best to stay hopeful and keep on living. Thank you for your kindness, ❤


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