Set fire to the sky

With one look, we can turn the tables

Watch the dice spin and dance,

A masquerade where the masks worn are the players’ poker faces

With a twist of a hand,

We can pick up the hourglass;

Tip it over

And destroy everything

We deliberately do this to both each other and ourselves

With one crazed, demented gaze,

We obliterate it all

Set the world on fire,

Dismantle rock-solid foundations

Or blow through rotten ones


With a flick of a hand, we set it all ablaze

Ignoring screams and looks of horror from

The ants and bugs below

Us, rising, straight beacons on the rooftop

Wind rushing by, split by our bodies,

We look calmly, serenely at it all below


Humanity’s shadow cast upon the world

Determined, adamant, cruel in its aggressivity:

“We shall not bow and be controlled by Earth’s limitations”

Since when have we been so selfish?

As to forget we are not the only

Inhabitants in the village

To think the power is ours, the land ours to use to our liking?




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  1. a mystery says:

    Truly beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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