In the dark


Why not forget?

After all, that’s all I’ve ever wished for


Night calls

Stars, last symbol of hope

Shine, but this old soul here

Cannot hear them


And I rise again,




Clad in black

Stiff and tall

With newfound strength


Night calls

And I feel at home in it

Its familiarity

Its darkness


I force my mind to blank,


Just once more

Start over again

On this rough, black, unforgiving soil

I now call my own


And I’m ready to fight

Just a minute longer


Cold pierces through my trembling limbs,

Whose weakness means nothing to me,

For my mind holds all control

I’m the tiger

In the night


Mind clear,


Concentration still,


Focus jagged

Like the steel edge of a knife


And I’m ready to forget it all

And join the night

Climb buildings at twilight

Smoke cigarettes

Watching the smoke billow upwards in spirals

Watching my soul drift up with it


Driving at night

Music blaring

Thoughts non-existent

In a state of mind I’m all too accustomed to


I’m back

This is my jungle

Streetlights are my trees

And I swing from one to the next

Pavement, soft craddling grass that parts

beneath my determined footsteps


Cars drive on by,

Innocent deer,

Completely oblivious to the danger

Sauntering beside them

And I’m home

In the dark

(3 October 2015, 00:41)


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  1. Nicodemas says:

    Words that reach deep. A wonderful poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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