Cigarettes and rooftops

This might be a new start, I dunno

But I feel like somebody else when I’m with them

Even though my inherent cheerfulness seems out of place in that time

I’m surprised to find myself more focused in their company,

Like I know who I am and where I’m going

Like everything will be ok and for now I should just


And wait for it all to crash down on me like a wave

Sweep me up, craddle me, and spit me back out into the world, with new perspective

With them, I feel serene


Who knows what’ll happen from here

But with them, I’m ready to find out

Arm me with a butterfly knife and let me face whatever is coming

Perhaps a cigarette or two for the boost

Perhaps some screaming metal music

And a rooftop or two

(13 October, 13:09)


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