Ink Stained Love



When you meet someone, and think yourself in love, be sure you check their bookshelves, for from their books you will learn who they truly are. Walk slowly along their shelves and trace the spines, let your fingers lean against their well-worn pages. Are their pages full of notes and stars, and dog-eared quotes, or barely touched crisp paper? Have those leather-bound copies been read, or are they there only for display? Look for where the stories fall open to favourite passages and whether their covers are falling to their feet. Do they stand shoulder to shoulder in some semblance of order? Or do they live in a state of disarray, picked up and set down as interest waxes and wanes. Does the ink bleed into the warm fingerprints, begging to be felt, or are the words cold with starched edges? Hold them in your arms, breathe in their scent, follow…

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  1. Nicodemas says:

    Amazing! I love this.

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