Flames raced

Flames raced. Feet bled through to the floor from dancing I ran and ran and ran Danced and danced and danced ‘Til the shadows held no more meaning. Smoke billowed, Twisting into sailing boats, Raging seas, Clouds, Nothingess. My head filled with the latter. And metal bars imprisoned me within my own mind. I cried…


Yet I would have thought the thoughts would leave but they never do No, they never do and the time ticks in the same rythmic motion as it always did And I’m not ready to let go Maybe I never will be But somehow, somewhere, I’d hoped That it would all leave Be stripped off…


these people are wonderful but they are not like me and i find myself fleeing as soon as they leave because when i am with them i have no idea who i am. Source: People

Ink Stained Love

Originally posted on Wanderlust:
When you meet someone,¬†and think yourself in love, be sure you check their bookshelves, for from their books you will learn who they truly are. Walk slowly along their shelves and trace the spines, let your fingers lean against their well-worn pages. Are their pages full of notes and stars, and…

How she went to the dogs

I remember Watching my parents burning travelling from kitchen to living room to hallway to garden throwing ashes at each other I remember Being 10 years old Acting 30 Looking at my brother and him Looking back at me With that same look The “oh, they’re at it again” Mentally rolling our eyes at the…

London February Trip Playlist

Stones around the sun – Lewis Watson Into the wild – Lewis Watson Ghost – Lewis Watson Stay – Lewis Watson Castle Street – Lewis Watson What about today – Lewis Watson Bones – Lewis Watson Lamplight – Lewis Watson It could be better – Lewis Watson Little darling – Lewis Watson Red Face –…


We hide our fierceness with elegance. We’re so fierce, hard and rough that we go running the other way to compensate: pretending to be gentle, kind, soft when inside we’re tigers.

Stupid, gullible me

I know I have relapses, who doesn’t? Yet how is it possible that I fool myself into believing every time will be the last? Stupid, gullible me.