I always love On A Slow Night’s posts, and this one most certainly didn’t disappoint!

on a slow night

They have said a thousand of times that I don’t know how to love. Maybe I don’t, but I do know that I can love. And the way I love is utterly devastating. The way I love is earth-shattering and volatile but pure, like a dormant volcano on the verge of erupting. My love is so, my love is indelible; I will move on, and slowly I will travel onwards to the next man who will hold me with all the warmth that I crave, but I will continue to love whom I have loved with the same intensity and permanence.

My face may be blunted, my lips tightly shut and my expression deadpan, but my heart is bursting at the seams. I am a passionate, soulful girl with scars that need to heal and eyes that need to rest, yet all anyone sees is the stoic expression on my…

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