Our Twisted Tale


Tea with Ellie

There is no way I can save you

There is no way I can help

When you fell down the rabbit hole

I can’t feel what you felt

I am just the joker

Always a fool

I am just a piece of you

Never your all

I am just the jester

Never to be queen

With me you’ll fester

With me you’ll scream

Cause I’m no good

No good at all

I’m the witch,

The Sister

And the fool

I’m the one

I’m the one who’ll take it all

Sunsets to night time

Kisses to fights

Right time to wrong time

I’ll Steal you lights

I’ll clip your wings

To stunt your flights

I’ll pull you down

Down to earth

Keep you here

And steal your worth

I’ll destroy your princess

With my selfish ends

 Take away your love

With no hope of amends

Cause I am the bad


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