A fantasy

As I jump up and down excitedly, hands extended to catch the pink balloons flying though the park, my little brother chases me, attempting to catch me up. Mum, holding 4-month-old Daisy, watches patiently from the side-lines, love evident in her eyes.


Around her, buildings rise in a collage of superimposing purple and pinks. Through the streets, she walks without fear; confident, but resolved. Today, she will meet her fate and she’s accepted it, knows she has no way out. For centuries, the man in the suit and top hat has followed her, stalking her through dim…


I turn my back on the crowd and let the murmurs rise. The light from the stage stays on well after I’ve left, and I switch identity in the changing rooms. Taking off one mask to put on another.

An intoxicating mess

Just my presence is intoxicating, they don’t even need a kiss. They already can’t get enough. And I get sick on their reactions, their inquiring and curious looks turn my stomach. Is it not blatantly clear that I’m dark inside, that I’m mere dust held together solely by the force of sheer will? How can…

The train to nowhere

Let’s hop on a train Just you and me Let’s hop on a train And become free * Let’s ride with the wind And fall asleep to the stars Let’s ride with the wind And the road newly ours


and at night I lock the doors to keep the monsters in   and at dawn I fly away to escape my present   and at dusk I break my past down piece by piece   and at noon I wish my thoughts away


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They have said a thousand of times that I don’t know how to love. Maybe I don’t, but I do know that I can love. And the way I love is utterly devastating. The way I love is earth-shattering and volatile but pure, like a dormant volcano on…

Our Twisted Tale

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There is no way I can save you There is no way I can help When you fell down the rabbit hole I can’t feel what you felt I am just the joker Always a fool I am just a piece of you Never your all I am just…

My home

My home was beautiful, and I was trapped in it. It was a sublime cell. A beautiful, wonderful prison and I was caught up in it. I couldn’t get enough. I drowned in it and despite it making me sick I was addicted to the feeling of being lost, of falling without restraint, of never…