Random #2

I’m locked up in this place but I can’t complain

I feel this pain that I can’t explain

I’d like to understand this fear, this strain

But all I do, I do in vain


You ignore my pain, what makes you think I’d do the same?

They’re all different, but expect me to stay sane

expect me to follow through with their game

No matter what we attain

No matter what we hit, you hear?

I wanna kick and scream out my fear


I’m terrified, get me out of here

Quick, before they come back

It might be a trap

Hide: before they stab you black

And red


No worries, they won’t stop ’til you’re dead

If you run, if you hide, they’ll find you

Shoot you through the head

Beware! I’ve made this clear

But don’t you dare start calling me “dear”

You hear?


I’m drowning, this is all so confusing

Wait: do I hear screaming?

Stop. Forget. And rewind back

I’ll follow you, even off the beaten track

I’m taken aback by your lack of tact


Backtrack: can’t you see where this went wrong?

Take this paperback, I’m sure we’ll get along

Go back to your shack where you belong

I’ll go my own way, leave me alone

I suspect an imminent attack: watch your back

I’m not on crack, doesn’t mean I don’t know payback


Flashback to when we were small:

To when you didn’t know that you had it all

Hurt me, pain me, what’s it to you?

You know I’ll always be there, through and through

Right beside you

What if I stop and watch you fall?

See you crumble, shrink back against the wall?



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