The monster of grief

The monster of grief snarls in my chest,

Wraps me in its arms of steel


It chokes and smothers

Crushing me to smithereens


The acid cloud, acrid smoke,

Breaks down each cell of me


Love obliterated, hope decimated,

I take my stance with the standing dead


The monster rages,

Demanding retribution for sins never committed


Murdering half-forgotten memories,

Its sharp claws now reach for the remains of my heart


Fire in my veins,

Acid in my throat,

Ice in my heart,

Who will surrender first?


Winter bites at my heels, but no distance

Will ever be far enough for me to escape this


The first daring buds to break the snow

Are quickly extinguished

My heart’s inconstant beatings rapidly resign


Wind shifts, the monster is eager for blood

Who’s will it be this time?

The essence of my survival?

The soul of my guilt?

The broken window it uses to peer into my past?


Sick with greed, the monster pillages

All the memories and feelings left

Steels their faces, raids their spirits

Take them, all I need is who they taught me to be.


(inspired by: BMTH – And The Snakes Start To Sing)


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