#25 from Glare (Ammons)


master bias leaning

it scares me to think that being
just me won’t be enough to do it:

(I’ve had a problem feeling like it
up to now) but it scares me

more to think that i have to be more than
I am because like I said I’m already

running a deficit: and it scares me
even more to think I could get by

with less than just me: because if
I’ve amounted to nothing up to now

wouldn’t I amount to less being
less: well, but then you have to

think, how well does this thing that
has to be done have to be done:

maybe nobody can do it as well as I
think it should be done: if it’s

okay to do it well enough to get
by, why then maybe I’m your man after

all because I’m OVERSIZE Average,
and even the low range of my average


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