Je m’effrite (english version: I’m withering away)

I don’t feel part of this world anymore

Everything has been erased

My past

Is withering away

With the time that falls

In the hourglass


I can’t find  the hope anymore

That was hidden

Under my pillow

In the evening

Everything seems to wither away


Everything slips away beneath my feet

The quicksand clings

Onto my thin, trembling legs

I can’t find the strength to get myself back up the hill


The map flew away long ago

It seeks new lands

And I the materialisation

Of a me still fresh and innocent

Pure and unheard of


I will create myself unknown, unusual, unexpected

Carefree and also candide

I will craft the steps under which I walk

As I go along. Let it be known

That I will not surrender

But will continue like this


Until this singular thruth manifests itself

Reluctant realisation

That I hunt down with enthusiasm and devotion


I will no longer be your pretty doll

I will show my fangs and claws with intensity

I will never tremble again

Before your glare



One Comment Add yours

  1. elainajhunt says:

    Wow! This is brilliant, Lea. Rhythm, syntax, and strong word choices all lend to the beautiful descriptions of this piece. Amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

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