I wish I could hold you here beside me

Not only in spirit, but also in flesh

Watching the birds soar from this imaginary bench

And the sun glide like a bee

To further lands


I’d like to hold your hand, now withered with time

Mine just as small with regained innocence

These days, time makes no sense

As I race for greener gardens like a spinning dime


This world is so much harsher than you portrayed it to be

So bitter, heartless and cold

I’m scared I’ll remain merciless until I’m old

Will my lost youth and kindness ever return to me?


Tell me, Momma, answer me this

Will I ever become someone people wish to kiss?

I feel distant and ruthless

Trudging through all this mess

If only I could express

How much I regret all of this


I would rather you sit by my side

And reassure me as you used to

That soon all this will be through

With nothing left between me and the sunrise



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