Take me back to summer dresses

And dancing in dewdrop-drenched grass

Wielding dandelions

As swords against the hiccups and heartbreaks of life


Clad me in soft PJs once more

And tuck me in bed

Siphon the nightmare away

As you kiss the top of my head


Soothe me with bedtime stories

Transport me to new universes

Where life is sweet and kind

And there is no room for worries


Let’s race under the noon sun

And fall in our eagerness

To reach the new horizon

Let’s fall hopelessly in love


Show me the vast wealth of the knowledge you hold

Point out birds and beetles to my attentive eyes

Teach me so many names and dates that my head overturns

And they spill like water onto the tile


Instruct my fingers to hit the right keys

And unlock melodies and recipies

Teach me to braid flowers into my hair

And dry my tears when I fall

Sift through my dreams to frighten my nightmares away

And love me through it all



One Comment Add yours

  1. Noora says:

    Beautiful poetry. Thank you for sharing!


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