The Silent Warrior


Simply brilliant! I need to create a character based on this. Someone who would speak such truth and breathe such honesty, perhaps a narrator, or a mysterious figure.


I am an artisan, a master of masks. I can forge a new face so that no one can ever discover my façade. You think you know me, but it is only another disguise. I hide my face away in the most difficult of moments, and when a reaction is required, I return my placated expression without any notice.

This is the life of a silent warrior. A battle in which we rage within our seemingly quiet lives. Day to day, we wage our wars with the efforts of a thousand men. We believe we are fighting the world, but the turmoil lies inside. Our strength is hindered by our own weakness, to our oblivion.

You won’t see these inner battles, though, because we are more than our warriors. We are the craftsman, the soothers, the kings and queens, the peasants, and the knights; the realm lives within, and we…

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  1. elainajhunt says:

    Thank you. I would love to read a character who is actually that honest. And I would be excited to see how you would write the narration from that perspective!

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