It seems so much easier to breathe now

That the wind is gone

Paradoxically: trouble still remains


But I feel I’m closer to the surface now

Not so much drowning

As floating, sifting through the rocks

And the clinging sand below


The memories slip and let go as the current

Washes them away

Somehow I’m left clean and new


Real endings are so hard to recognise

They seek the dark and time

Passes so quickly before we

Realise they were even there


But each day now tastes

Like sunrise and pale pink possibilities

I never had the choice to breathe

Yet each inhale smells sweet to this new consciousness

That only searches for more experiences

And the new tomorrow


Beauty springs at me

From every flower and

Every flow of the wind rushing by


However jarring, cutting, precise, piercing it might be

This clinical beauty has got a hold of me

I never stood a chance to let it go

I simply fell into its soothing arms and

Let the embrace wash over me like a wave


The frozen me finally starts to thaw

Although I still tiptoe around the

Daydreams that sail through my mind

Unwilling to pop those sweet bubbles



One Comment Add yours

  1. elainajhunt says:

    Inspirational. (:


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