You were a hummingbird

A hovering could have been

A possibility

A chance I didn’t take


You flew just out of reach

I had no strength to seek that far

Instead, I was drowned by the probability


It seemed so freeing

To construct the future in my head

Like a city


But all too soon the possibility

Flew away with the dust

And all that remained was the weight

Of the could have been

 The would have been

The should have been

The ought to have been


Back then the days could never pull themselves towards dawn

But you, you reached across the sky

And brought them to each new beginning


You could have been the white cure

For my dark, broken heart

A chance I never took


I looked at you through the dark, coal-incrusted

Fraying mirror


Your side seemed so much brighter

But I remained in the shadow

Too hesitant to follow you

Into the unknown


I was under the water

You were out with the sun

I watched your face

Through gallons of black water

As I drowned


But I found it was a lighter sort of drowning

Not so dreadful, not so frightening

The sand softened my fall

I chose not to breathe


You couldn’t have swum

You would have sunk down with me

Perhaps that’s what you were looking for

All along

04/04/2015 and 05/04/2015


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