Let me go


Let me go

Stop following me

Everywhere I go

Like a white shadow



Alleviate the burden you represent

Get off me

You cling so tightly to my skin


I need you to let me go

Let me drift, a pink balloon,

Let me soar the winds I choose


You can’t keep following me

Not after the dark veil that separates us

Stop haunting me

Terminate this mission you seem to hold so dear


Can you hear me here?

Am I speaking loud enough

For the realisation to hit you

Just like your deaths hit me

So many centuries back?


Is this punch strong enough

To slap you awake?




I’ve tried to free the memories I hold

To no avail


Now: your turn

Try to erase, delete, burn

All of me that you held dear


Momma, don’t hold me so tightly

Family, your hugs are smothering

You’re annihilating the broken, bleeding,

Pulsing pieces of me left


Break apart from me

I need to feel what it is like

To step without you

To roam the earth without

Your presence like a stranger stalking me


4 years, 3 months & 9 days

Since I saw you waste away

On that hospital bed


Dear, my brother, my friend

I love you,

But you need to let me go now


Remember how mischievous we used to be

How we used to laugh

At the sun and grass


Grip those memories as tightly

And stubbornly

As you wish

But don’t grip my hands and heart so riggidly


Tell Momma and Daddy

That I love them too

If they aren’t here now with you

Only you know how much pain you have caused me

And how I treasure what we once had


You, too, need to set my heart free

Time has healed as much of it as could

Ever have been expected

Only you can do the rest



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