Wake me up


I want a shake-up

I want to wake up

From this deadened dream

That smothers everything


I want my heart to race

At the sight of the living

I want my body to shake

With the weight of the unknown


My hands should tremble

I want to assemble

These crumbling pieces of me


I want someone to wake me up

I can’t cover this all with makeup

Someday this’ll all explode

One day my heart will be in overload


I need a bright light

To jolt me out of this daze

My brain feels covered in a haze

That won’t shift

I want to feel again

Numbness, lift!


Body, turn off the automatic setting

I want to make my own decisions

I don’t want autopilot

I want to feel the attention of a thousand eyes placed on me

As I screw up


My heart strives to live

It furiously beats on the sides of its cage

It screams for me to unleash it

Like a dagger, it can’t help harming

And only I’m responsible for the tide



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