Arrogance Anthem


Just to clarify: I do not condone this kind a behaviour and way of thinking. This song was inspired by characters in books (who were very arrogant, easy to hate and very likely had psychopathic tendencies, which makes them very interesting to read about but would be hell to know in real life). I hope to the Dear Lord Above that no one actually relates to the words said. ‘Nuff said, enjoy! 🙂


Arrogance Anthem



1, 2, 3, 4

Why you gotta lock the door?

5, 6, 7, 8

I really wanted to get laid


Come out of the room

If you want we can just spoon

If my hand slides under your shirt

Just ignore it and this’ll work


No strings attached

Do you also want a rematch?

I could do this all day

Call the police and you’re on your way



Don’t lie to me

I can see it in your eyes

That glow with the pride

Of a million night skies


You want it too

Or do you want more: me and you

I’ll play you like a fool

You’ll be crying all over school



I don’t want this to end

Morphine: my best friend

You won’t even have to come

By tomorrow I’ll be gone


Oh, you’ll call my parents?

Please, they’re locked up in the basement!

They wouldn’t drive me to the club

In the attic: my father’s gun


I wanna feel your bra

Trade: I’ll take you to the spa

I’ll buy you lots of clothes

Just as long as you take off those





It seems we disagree

On how far we wanna go

Not a smooth talker?

Do I really need to be?

Yes, I’m inconsiderate

But I’ve got us both in bed

And what we gonna do instead?


Chorus x2





One Comment Add yours

  1. elainajhunt says:

    I definitely don’t relate to the speaker’s point of view, but I think it is fascinating the character you have captured here. Though I’m sure I’ve come across people who do indeed think this way, these people do not typically show it outwardly. So it’s interesting to see the exploration you’ve created here of this person’s worldview. Scary, but interesting as you said!


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