The piano


My heart swells at the sound of the melody

As my fingers kiss the keys ever so softly

Pink, white, baby blue sounds

Rise and paint my world in colour


Sunlight streams through the window

Crossing from one world to my own

From bright lights to soft silence

To melodies that make hearts weep


Emotion spills over and crosses the threshold of my eyelid

My hands, obedient labradors, play the piece they now know by heart

Entire worlds are built in a melody

The whole spectrum of human emotion

Tied up with ribbons into the harsh lines of the script


Understanding its complexities,

The various feelings underlying the piece

Like a secret whispered at night

Feeling the music pulse and stretch through my veins


Losing myself into the melody like one falls into the arms of a lover

My heart surges, a mighty leap,

Yet in the room all is calm

Save for the shy, quiet speech of the piano


My beating heart brings me back from before

Like sand borne back ceaselessly to the shore

The water recedes and all that remains

Are broken memories in my tiny hands

Feb 2015


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tokoni O. Uti says:

    Nice piece!


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