Morrow Manor

A short essay I wrote when applying to universities with Common App. The essay prompt I chose was: Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there and why is it meaningful to you? My essay starts out strange, but bear with me and you’ll understand how it relates to the topic. It also fits in with the story I’m writing at the moment and will be posting shortly. In hope it will be of use: enjoy!


Morrow Manor

Ice. Ice in my heart, across my chest. Venom through my veins down to the tips of my toes. Ice so cold it feels like fire. It twists my stomach and holds it in a tight grip. The pain still crawls through me with the same demented determination. I claw at my cheeks, my temples, my throat. All I feel from my heart is not the reassurance I crave, but pain. I claw uselessly at the pale, thin skin above it too. I battle the love I still feel for them – though they are long gone – to no avail. I focus and brace through the pain of grief, fighting to hold back tears, and emerge on the other side of the memory.

A white manor stands before me, all wide windows and imposing infrastructure. It rises out of wild grass and tall pine trees that seem to be taking part in a fierce race to reach the sky, animated by the sole goal of meeting the appealing blue up above. The house, however, reflects composure, elegance, perhaps even a vestige of pride from long ago. If it could talk, I feel its words would mirror the people who used to inhabit it, perhaps would it greet me with a tip of its top hat, a warm smile and a

“How do you do?”

When I picture this house (for it is now irrevocably and undeniably out of my grasp) a plethora of feelings reach across the vast expanse of time and space to my heart. Suddenly, I am assaulted by multiple memories; I am transported so fully to this place that I would never fathom that my body might be anywhere else, on a bus seat on the way back from school, for instance. For those precious minutes, I am back with my best friend and his family. I recall snowball fights in their garden, my best friend’s mother patiently teaching me to cook, him playing the piano, proving to me what beauty time and dedication can create. If any one place were to encompass all that matters to me, all that has profoundly changed me as a person, Morrow manor would be it. The place I consider home reminds me of the person I wish to become: loving, caring, elegant as his mother; understanding, hard-working, responsible as his father; strong, determined, yet humorous as my best friend. I am aware of the fact that loss has thrown me into maturity rather prematurely, has changed me into someone resilient, strong, and loyal.

I feel happy and calm when I recall home, the ghosts of my past soothe me and withdraw all doubt from my mind when I doubt where I’m going, when I worry that I might not have performed as well on a test as I’d expected, or when I fret that I’ve chosen the wrong third language to learn. The memories keep me moving, even if only by tiny steps, and allow me to accomplish what needs to be done. Despite this place not being one I can access physically, I can picture what it looked like, the feelings of love and security I experienced there.

The manor was also where I unearthed my fascination for psychology, as the study of human behavior, thoughts and emotions. As a result of what I’ve been through, it has become increasingly clear that the field of psychology is one I want to study and work in. I love that psychology aims to benefit society as a whole and each and every one of us. I could help people who are going through their own trauma, ease my clients through difficult times and help them to feel better. I believe that university will allow me to achieve my dreams, by providing me with the necessary qualifications but also the appropriate environment to grow and acquire new knowledge and experience.


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